Business Credit Card Funding for Small Business (2021 Edition)

Navy Federal Credit Union Business Account Process, I tried to open a business account and got denied! The reason I got denied, Navy Federal Credit Union rep looked at my YouTube page said I did Credit Repair. Once you are denied you can't ever apply for the business account for that particular business. I did try to appeal the application because I felt they could have reviewed it further as opposed to one rep being able to deny it. As soon as I said Budget Planner I could tell something was off but I really wish she just would have said you might want to wait so that I could still have a chance. I have another credit union that I'm a member of and have 2 checking accounts through them, so I did have somewhere else to put the money. If you are just starting out your business might want to wait. Article Source: 👉 👉 👉 Recommended Videos: How to make Money Online: 🔴 How to Increase Credit Score 🔴 Budget with me 🔴 Free Budget and Debt Repayment Worksheet: ✅Subscribe to 2021 Digital Budget Planner: ✅ Follow me on Instagram for updates: ✅ ______________________________________________________ Equipment: Tripod: Lights: ______________________________________________________ #makemoneyonline #onlinebusiness #personalfinance #Navyfederalcreditunion #majorchangegroupbudget