Write Better Marketing Copy, Effortlessly [Writesonic Review and Demo]

Today we look at Warm Welcome - A video conversation tool that lets you embed videos inside of email* currently available as a LTD in the Appsumo store: 👉 https://go.aiprofitz.com/warm-welcome *I doubt all email clients are supported - surprisingly it worked for me inside of Gmail. VERY COOL! Warm Welcome lets you get people's attention with the use of website bubbles, a video business card, an email signature widget or a web page embed. This is different from Quickpage or Sendspark in that Warm Welcome is a video conversations tool. It is meant to have real conversations with your audience and that can be done through video, audio or text. This is a great deal for anyone looking for an alternative to BombBomb or VideoAsk, two tools that come in at around $30 per month. Both are probably further along the development pipeline than Warm Welcome but I have found Warm Welcome to work well for me and the roadmap shows future improvements will likely put it neck and neck with those two tools. In this video I simulate a couple of conversations and show you the inner workings of Warm Welcome. I also show you a neat trick using Switchy - one of my favorite deals of 2020 in the Appsumo store! ✅ Get Switchy here: https://go.aiprofitz.com/switchy The biggest negative I see with Warm Welcome right now is the team management/branding features. For two codes you get unlimited bubbles, business cards, signatures, messages and pages but if you can only use that on one brand then it seems a bit misleading. Granted, I still think this is the deal to go with because under your one brand you can still create unique video messages for different purposes plus build out different video pages, but I'd love to get some clarity on this. The biggest surprise of the tool was the video actually playing inside email. I made a video a few weeks back about a tool that I thought was marketed in a misleading way that promised video embeds in emails. Warm Welcome actually does that - yet I don't see them pushing that as a big marketing play. My guess is that it is still quite limited depending on the email client, but it is pretty cool that this can be done using Gmail. Video playlists with Vimeo + YouTube support is HUGE as well because you can take advantage of video personalization in advance of a video you want your contact to watch - say "hey Bob, here is a video of what we can do for you" + embed your sales video from Vimeo or YouTube. All-in-all, Warm Welcome is a great tool that has a few areas I'd like to see clarity or improvements on. As with any tool, in time, I expect this to get better. ✅ Get Warm Welcome here: https://go.aiprofitz.com/warm-welcome ✅ Get Switchy here: https://go.aiprofitz.com/switchy ✅ Support aiPROFITz by shopping through our links at https://support.aiprofitz.com​ ✅ Sign-up for the email list https://aiprofitz.com/​ ✅ Or Buy Me A Coffee! http://buymeacoffee.com/3ptscott​ See you in the next one :) DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting this channel by clicking the links in my description!!