How to capture UTM Parameters in a Cookie and transfer them to a (hidden) Form Field

Learn how to configure Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager. There are many differences compared to the previous version, called Universal Analytics. **UPDATES** 1. There have been some changes in the GA4 interface. This blog post addresses them 2. at 12:22, I mentioned that we can use a custom event name "form_submission". However, there is a recommended event called "generate_lead" that you can use instead. 3. at 17:12, I inserted the user property in the wrong place in GTM. It was supposed to be in the "User Properties" section, not "Fields to set". Read more here Sorry for that, stupid mistakes. =========== You don’t have to create custom dimensions in Google Analytics 4. It’s enough to just send them. But if you plan to use them in GA interface, then don’t forget to register them in All Events → Manage Custom Definitions. Also, keep in mind that there are some limits related to Google Analytics 4 custom parameters. All of that (and more) are covered in this GA4 tutorial. === LINKS === ✭ Blog post: How to track Contact Form 7 with Google Tag Manager ✭ Blog post: How to track events with Google Analytics 4 (complete guide) ✭ GA4 Collection and configuration limits: === CONNECT WITH JULIUS & ANALYTICS MANIA === ✭ Facebook ✭ Twitter ✭ Linkedin #googletagmanager #googleanalytics4 #googleanalytics