How To Get A $30k American Express Business Credit Card No Credit Check 2021?

So called "credit experts" often that you should keep your credit card utilisation below 30% for the best score. However, this is because they are self proclaimed experts who spent very little time just googling simple credit answers. But it's not that simple. I am a certified FICO expert, I've spent countless hours training and attending credit seminars. I'm the CEO of @fortresscreditpro and I've looked over thousands of reports and have seen first hand what over utilization does to credit. The truth is, having your score utilization over 7% starts to negatively impact your score. And when you are trying to get approved for things like a home, having a utilization of 5% vs 30% can make a huge difference. Reach out if there is anything I can do for you. To sign up for my new Free Credit Repair System, sign up at Or for VIP credit repair call my office to speak to an agent 800-475-7267 #makeitamilliondollarday #buildafortress . . . . #credithacks #credit #creditdacts #getoutofdebt #debtfree #homebuyers #realtorsofig #realestateagents #realestatetips #getapproved