CREDIT CARDS 101: When To Pay Credit Card Bill To Increase Credit Score

Why should you consider applying for the American Express Blue Business Plus credit card, and how difficult is it to apply? In this video, I'll discuss the card, talk about why I'm applying, and show you how the application process goes. I'll also share helpful tips that can keep your credit card APR low, even after the initial 15 month 0% APR bonus. Find more information about the card and apply on this page 00:00 Introduction to the American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card 00:33 It's important to have a plan whenever you apply and receive new credit accounts, especially if it has a 0% APR! 01:03 Why did I want and apply for this card? How this AMEX will help me grow my business! 01:43 What's the application like for this AMEX? 02:41 What's the APR after the 15 month introduction rate? 02:49 If you miss a payment, your APR increases! 02:54 What is the reward system for the Blue Business Plus Credit Card from AMEX? 03:05 How to complete the business information application process for the Blue Business Plus Credit Card 05:44 Completing the personal information section of the Blue Business Plus application 08:03 Blue Business Plus Credit Card application received screen and adding employee cards 08:25 The AMEX approval screen and the credit card limit 09:47 How long will it take to receive your card? 10:11 What should you do after receiving the credit card? Register for your American Express account. 11:00 What's the one thing you should do after you setup your online business account? Start your autopay Find all my helpful resources by visiting Love, Jerry Banfield Founder of Uthena - Video editing and description by James Brooks