A Must Try Soft & Fluffy Raisins Cream Cheese Rolls - نان کشمشی و پنیر خامه ای بسیار نرم و خوشمزه

Custard Cream Buns 卡仕達麵包|Apron 卡仕達 CUSTARD CREAM 蛋黃 egg yolk 2 细砂糖 caster sugar 25g / 3Tbsp 鮮奶 fresh milk 140ml 中筋面粉 plain flour 25g / 2Tbsp 香草精 vanilla extract 1tsp 麵糰 DOUGH 高筋面粉 bread flour 150g / 1,1/3cup 细砂糖 caster sugar 15g / 1/8cup 鹽 salt 1/4tsp 即溶酵母 instant yeast 2g / 1/2tsp 鮮奶 fresh milk 100ml+- 無鹽奶油 unsalted butter 15g / 1Tbsp 摄氏180 / 华氏350 烤 15-17分钟 Bake at 180°C / 350°F for 15-17 minutes Please leave a LIKE and SHARE this video 【SUBSCRIBE】my YouTube Channel for more videos and clicked the bell so you don't miss any of my videos My Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Apronyoutube/ Blog http://www.withapron.com/ All my videos will only be uploaded to my YouTube channel Prohibit unauthorized theft, secondary editing and re-uploading of videos on YouTube and other platforms #Bread #麵包 #Apron