Honda Point Disaster - Taking a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:41 - Wheelhouse position on the Black Swan's 00:04:26 - How do you end up in command of a destroyer etc in WW2? 00:10:19 - Aircraft carrier islands sizes 00:17:57 - Bismarck and the location of fire control cables 00:24:16 - What would have been the duties of a Royal Navy midshipman on a destroyer circa 1910? Also, would those duties have changed with the start of the war? 00:29:40 - Rudders and rudder damage 00:33:44 - How many and which navies maintained ships on the Yangtze River? 00:35:43 - How important were lend lease aircraft to the Fleet Air Arm? 00:39:30 - Also what's your opinion of the I-400 subs? Would they have been useful boats in a conflict or are they, like the Surcouf, just military white elephants? 00:44:03 - What (if any) special measures or precautions did the Royal Navy take during the Spanish Flu pandemic (1918 - 1920)? 00:48:17 - Impressive submarine feats not from the IJN, USN or KM. 00:52:37 - When the Russian ship Orel was taken into the IJN navy What modifications did they do? 00:55:10 - Please give a breakdown of command structure at the admiral level, such as fleet commander, theater commander, etc., with examples of good and bad performance at each level. 00:55:48 - WW2 battleships/cruisers equipped with sonar? 00:58:03 - Why were Goeben and Breslau in the Med and not the Far East? 01:01:06 - INTERLUDE 01:01:49 - What if the relief forces for Wake Island weren't recalled? 01:05:56 - Effect of fouled hulls in battle? 01:09:20 - How effective were the Luftwaffe’s attempts to use level bombers against merchant shipping? 01:12:16 - RFA in WW2? 01:17:15 - Impact of fast Ocean Liners in WW1 and WW2? 01:21:00 - Why were bursting charge on large naval so relatively small? 01:25:37 - Tillman's before Washington? 01:29:08 - Age of sail cannon types 01:32:07 - Which warships/classes have the best and worst K:D ratios? 01:35:35 - T class submarines and their salvo's 01:39:31 - Aesthetics over function? 01:42:05 - How does a naval officer in the Royal Navy born a commoner become a lord? 01:45:23 - Which class of 20th century capital ships do you think were the best value for their owner? 01:53:04 - Do you know anyone who produces videos such as yours, but for merchant/commercial shipping, and/or have you considered expanding into fleet auxiliaries (oilers, replenishment, fleet tugs, etc)? 01:54:09 - The Trent Affair and the Asama Maru Incident 02:02:09 - INTERLUDE 02:02:41 - Warship winning the Blue Riband? 02:06:43 - Flooding high in the ship? 02:12:14 - Recoil/Muzzle Flash problems 02:16:50 - Top3 long range near-misses? 02:20:51 - Why do you have a flag? 02:25:45 - If the King George Vs had been fitted with the 16 inch guns (3x3) intended for the Lions, what impact could this have had on the engagements the KGVs were involved in? 02:29:29 - Why did some German pre-dreadnoughts use 9.4in main guns? 02:32:51 - What went wrong with Operation Wikinger? 02:39:01 - Ships designed for refits? 02:42:11 - Considering what happened to them, what should the East Asia Squadron have done differently? 02:45:50 - Could HMS Iron Duke have been reactivated, and used as a convoy escort in the Mediterranean during the 2nd World War? 02:48:44 - What was the feasibility of the Anglo French fleet to force the straits open at Gallipoli and thus avoiding the catastrophe of the land battle? 02:50:46 - Operation Sea Lion and Shore Batteries 02:54:22 - The brig and naval punishment 02:58:55 - Boys at sea 03:02:20 - Large destroyers and their problems 03:06:35 - Why escort carriers don't show up earlier? 03:10:31 - Why did cannons have flared ends? 03:15:53 - Naval Treaty non-compliance 03:18:56 - Panama Canal attacks in WW2 03:21:26 - Battleship icebreaker? 03:24:36 - Channel Admin (and why such a short Patreon Drydock?) An archive of Drydock Questions - Want to support the channel? - Shirt/mug/hoodie - Poster? - Want to talk about ships? Want to get some books?