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Learn how to make beautiful and realistic chocolate flowers using candy clay made from Wilton's Candy Melts! Recipe includes a quick set method so you can make your candy clay and flowers all in one day! I hope you guys enjoy! P.S. This is Wilton's candy clay recipe from their website (, the only differences are I will add glycerin if it is winter and the air in my home is cool and very dry, and I squeeze the oil from the candy clay. One thing I forgot to mention is that I recommend using Wilton's white candy melts instead of the "bright white". The whiteners in the bright white cause the petals to lose their slight translucency and beautiful porcelain appearance. Bright white can be used if you wish, but I just don't think they turn out as pretty. Also, I forgot to add a closing to this video.. it looks like the video gets cut off at the end, but all we're missing is the "Thank you for watching! God bless"!! Thanks so much for your continued support!!