Twins First Dance Recital

We make videos to document the amazing moments. Learning to ride a bike is a special achievement for any kid. We are proud of the twins, Ava and Alexis, for being brave and overcoming fear to learn how to ride a bike! They were courageous and Mom and Dad persisted in showing them the patience and dedication they needed. As they learn to ride the bikes, they fall down, so it's fun to challenge each other to try not to fall down! challenge! The power of family shall not be underestimated - never give up! don't quit! Show some love for Ava and Alexis! They are now "bike riders!" Give Cycle Kids Bikes a shot McClure Twins Getting Wild on Their Scooters! Like these videos? Watch this playlist: Want more? Be sure to Subscribe & turn on Post Notifications so you never miss out! Twins Instagram: @mccluretwins Ami Instagram: @just_aminat Jersey Instagram: @jerseytayomcclure/ Justin Instagram: @jkmcclure FACEBOOK: McClureTwins Family The girl's birthday is coming up on July 12th. Want to send them a Birthday Gift? Ship HERE: Ava & Alexis McClure 623 Eagle Rock Ave PO Box 345 West Orange, NJ 07052 #challenge #twins #family